Data Processing Statement - Recruitment

CDK Global processes personal information of prospective employees (‘Candidates’) in connection with its recruitment activities. CDK Global is the ‘data controller’ in relation to this data. Please note that this Data Processing Statement – Recruitment applies only to Candidates and not to current or former employees of CDK Global.

The purposes for which data regarding a Candidate may be processed include:

  1. Recruitment and staffing (including selection and workforce management);
  2. Identity and credentials verification and authentication;  
  3. Legal and regulatory compliance, litigation, investigations, and risk management (including systems for storage of legal work products, documents and information);
  4. Other legal and customary business-related purposes, such as making back-up copies of files for business continuity, as needed, for computer system maintenance and other everyday human resource purposes;
  5. Corporate audit, analysis and consolidated reporting;
  6. Administering pre-employment activities such as, to the extent applicable, preparation for participation in human resources plans and programs;
  7. Managing Candidates’ subscriptions, downloading of material and registration of subscriptions for newsletters, downloads of CDK Global materials;
  8. Fulfilling CDK Global’s obligations under relevant laws (including without limitation employment and benefits laws);
  9. Use in systems for managing, processing and storing forms, storage and distribution of internal emails and archiving historical data; and
  10. Compliance with CDK Global’s policies and processes related to  data security and protection.
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