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CDK vs Enterprise Accounting Systems: How specialist software can give your dealership the upper hand.

The Middle East ecommerce market is valued at $4.9 billion and is expected to expand to $10 billion by 2018. In the UAE alone, the share of B2C ecommerce on total retail sales of goods is forecasted to triple between 2014 and 2019. While car buyers are still more likely buy from a dealership than online, this growth proves the growing importance of the internet in the retail process.

Top performing retailers will strive to continually evolve their sales approach to keep up with the pace of change in customer behaviour and, as the customer journey diversifies, so too should dealerships. The most successful businesses, for example, will adopt an Omni-channel approach to sales and marketing; one that successfully fills the service gap between online and the dealership.

There are a number of enterprise resource systems available to dealerships in the Middle East, but most are expensive and unable to provide the necessary flexibility that industry-specific dealer management systems can offer. Full integration across all dealership functions is key, especially when managing customer relations from online to the point of sale and in to the aftersales process.

Many businesses using generic finance-focused resource systems also generally rely on IT support and training from third parties, making it difficult to drive process change as the retail landscape changes. Dealerships need a software systems provider that can offer ongoing support and training for staff. A system developed specifically for dealerships can also be utilised across multiple channels to help drive sales and marketing campaigns for new and existing customers.

With more than 43 years of industry experience CDK Global is a trusted provider of integrated information technology solutions for the automotive retail industry. By working across global markets and acquiring decades of specialist industry knowledge CDK Global has become a valued business partner for many dealerships around the world.

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CDK Global has a heritage of innovation, focused solely on improving automotive retail processes. The unparalleled research and development programme is driven by the evaluation of retail processes worldwide, supported by careful analysis of consumer data from global markets. Its powerful software solutions also benefit from the collaborative feedback of thousands of dealerships, who are keen to collaborate as they know CDK Global’s innovative solutions fit with current industry needs.

The continual evolution of the product not only provides ongoing security updates to protect customer data but also incorporates new technology and online communication channels as they come to market. With the customer journey no longer a linear one, it is vital that dealer management software has the flexibility to adapt to the growing influence of Ecommerce.

With the product being fully integrated across all departments, dealership staff benefit from ongoing process improvements, without the need to recalibrate software or incorporate multiple third party software programmes. For example, if a marketing suite is updated then all areas of the business will have instant compatibility with its functionality.

With a CDK Global system in place, dealers have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors and ensure they deliver bespoke incentives tailored to individual customers. By providing service levels beyond expectation, dealers can build long-term relationships with customers and engage them in a personalised way – whether interaction is online or in showrooms the obvious and most important metric still remains customer satisfaction and ultimately retention.

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