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Service OnlineProvide a 24/7 service to your customers

The vehicle purchase is only the start of the customers’ relationship with your dealership. They expect great service throughout the entire ownership of the vehicle. They also expect a great aftersales experience, so make sure your service department always performs.

To give great service, you need great technology.

What is Service Online?

You know how straightforward it is to book a train, flight or hotel online? Now transfer that concept over to booking a vehicle service or repair and you have Service Online.

Your customers can manage their own vehicle service or fixed-price repair bookings at any time via your website, for a date and time that suits them.

Service Online integrates seamlessly with the Autoline Dealer Management System (DMS), ensuring real-time appointment availability for your customers. Now your workshop can work harder to increase aftersales revenue.

For your customers:

  • Inconvenient -Traditional service or repair bookings can only be completed during working hours
  • Slow - Existing online booking facilities only submit an email enquiry

For your dealership:

  • Manual booking of all appointments in to the DMS
  • anual check to see if customer preferred time is available
  • All appointments need to be booked and confirmed by phone

Don’t make your customer choose someone else

Addressing the Challenges:

For your customers:

  • Convenient: Make an appointment booking at any time using your website
  • Quick: View, select and receive confirmation of their booking in one easy process

For your dealership:

  • Simple: All appointments are booked directly into the DMS workshop diaries, so no re-keying or manual effort required.

Service Online: Better for customers, better for you

Your customers can:

  • Book a service or repair appointment anywhere, anytime: Make bookings via your website 24/7 using a PC, tablet or smart phone.
  • Sign up for an account on your website: Complete registration directly using your website using your company-branded registration screen.
  • Book a service for a time & date that suits them: Only currently available appointments are pulled directly from your DMS.
  • Receive confirmation: Service Online automatically sends a confirmation email. An automatic reminder will be sent as a scheduled appointment nears.

Your Dealership can:

  • Take appointments outside of working hours: Customers can make appointments on your website at any time of day. Any appointments booked outside of working hours can be viewed in the DMS the following morning.
  • Remove the need for re-keying: Service Online is fully integrated with the Autoline DMS, so new appointments are booked directly into your workshop diary.
  • Capture more customer data: On the registration page for Service Online you can request additional information about your customers, such as their email address, interests or secondary contact numbers
  • Achieve better leads, better results: If a customer abandons a booking at any stage, you'll receive a full report, so you can follow-up by phone or email to try and complete the booking, turning a potential lost booking into a confirmed booking.

Your customer's journey only starts with the sale. Keep them coming back to your dealership with Service Online. Fully integrated, fully automated, always ready.

To find out more about how Service Online can help your dealership, watch the demo video below:

Sytner - Using Service Online to make service bookings more convenient.

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